Anne Burmester

Wife of one of the founders of the Surrey, Kent and Sussex Banking Company

Anne was the first wife of John William Burmester. John was one of the founders of the Surrey, Kent and Sussex Banking Company which later became part of National Westminster (AKA NatWest Bank).

Anne's Grave

The grave is located in the cemetery in plot D4.

Anne died in 1848. John William who died in 1876 and his second wife Mary Murrell who died in 1874 are both mentioned but are not buried here. They are both buried in Wandsworth.

Memorial Inscription

“To the memory of/Anne/—-John William BURMESTER/of Tunbridge Wells/who entered this world of sorrow/on the 7th of February 1785/and thence departed/in humble hope of a world of joy/on the 12th May 1848/in the 64th year of her age/her end was peace/(6 LINE QUOTE)/Also to the memory of/John William BURMESTER/who was born third November 1785/ who departed this life the 6 (–)/ in the 86th year of his age/(2 LINE QUOTE)also / Mary BURMESTER/relict of the above/(illegible line)”

Mural Tablet in Trinity Church

There is a tablet within Trinity Church for Anne Burmester, erected by her husband.

Current Location: unknown but not on public view