Friends of Trinity Cemetery Tunbridge Wells

If you’d like to help conserve the cemetery and the knowledge of who is buried within it, please consider joining our new group – The Friends of Trinity Cemetery Tunbridge Wells.

Our aims are

  • To document, digitise and uncover information about the people buried in Trinity Cemetery
  • To conserve the gravestones and surroundings within the cemetery
  • To enhance the cemetery to make it safe for people to look at the gravestones
  • To create self guided trails within the cemetery to find people with interesting stories
  • To share the knowledge of who is buried here
  • To create and publish leaflets and other materials to promote the cemetery and share information
  • To keep this website updated with information about the cemetery so it is available to people who cannot visit in person
  • To work alongside and with Trinity Theatre to make it a destination for visitors to Tunbridge Wells

Joining the Friends of TCTW

There is a small annual subscription to help fund the group and to achieve our aims. We hope to send newsletters at least twice a year to keep you informed of what is happening.

The subscription is £15 per person per year. To subscribe please click on one of the buttons below. This will setup an annual payment plan which you can cancel at any time.

Once you’ve setup your subscription it also comes up with a PayPal profile id starting “I-” which you just click on OK to accept. You don’t need to use this number in future unless you want to edit your subscription within PayPal itself.

Donations are also gratefully received. Click here if you would like to donate to TCTW.

Income will be used for items such as printing leaflets which will then be sold to raise money to assist with digitisation/surveys and making the knowledge accessible to more people and to help with maintenance/making trails within the churchyard etc.

Do you have some spare time? We need volunteers to help with:

  • Adding information to this website from research already done
  • Professional photographs of the Memorial Inscriptions within Trinity Theatre
  • Creation of leaflets/booklets about interesting people within the cemetery
  • Creating trails within the cemetery
  • Researching some of the people buried here
  • Ideas for creating income to support maintenance of the cemetery
  • Publicising the Friends group
  • Publicising the cemetery
  • Liaising with Trinity Theatre regarding their plans for the clocktower and anything that may affect the cemetery
  • Liaising with the gardeners who look after the cemetery
  • Liaising with the Tunbridge Wells Civic Society to share information and create documentation regarding people buried here
  • Liaising with TWBC and The Amelia/the TW Museum

We have a Facebook group here:

If you would like to volunteer and to find out more please email us.