Progress to date

We are in the process of mapping the graves and making the information available online.

Many of the headstones have been moved from their original location and are now resting on the boundary walls. In some places there are two stones on top of each other and we have not yet photographed or transcribed the stone underneath.

We have mapped as much as is possible and have split the map into 4 sections.

Please note there are no burials/headstones around the outside of the church itself or in the section immediately in front of the church alongside Church Road.

The unmarked section to the north is currently a car park for the architects practice under which are lots of paupers graves.

NB: If you plan to visit the cemetery please be aware that the ground is uneven in places and some of it is quite overgrown. Please wear sensible shoes.

Some of the gravestones may not be legible or may be broken. There are also some rare mosses on the gravestones so we cannot clear them.

Are your relatives buried here?

If any of your relatives are buried here please share your knowledge with us. We also welcome any contributions towards the development of this website and the upkeep of the cemetery.

Graveyard Map Overview

How to use the map

Each grave has been numbered according to its location. For example, the tomb for the Beeching family is in location D3 which is in Section 1.

EW is East Wall and WW is West Wall.

The current index to graves can be downloaded here. This shows surnames only. We will be updating this as we discover more about the people buried here. It will show notable local people and links to any famous living people.

We have also begun categorising them. e.g The Arts, Accountancy, Banking, British Civil Service, Clergy, Gentry, India, India Civil Service, East India Company, Famous Living Relatives, Law, Local Business, London Merchant, Military, Medical, Official Appointments, Politics, Publican, Royal Household, Teaching, Tunbridge Ware Maker, West Indies, etc.  This also includes a note of a memorial (or mural) tablet within the church.

We have not added information on all the burials to this site. Some of the notable people can be found here and more will be added in future.

Section 1 – East Wall (South Side)

Section 2 – East Wall (North Side) and part of North Wall

Some of these burials are not easily accessible.

Section 3 – North Wall (West Side)

Section 4 – West Wall

Please note these burials are behind the hedge.